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Do you think Timmy will do the ALS Challenge?

I damn hope so.

But I’m not sure.  It’s for a good cause if he accepts or declines [since you still have to donate if you decline.]

He’s not always the one to “put himself in the spotlight,” but sometimes he’s brought attention to himself for dumb things.  I mean Hunter called him out for a reason.  If he knew that Timmy would be really uncomfortable doing something like this I’m not sure Hunter would name him.

But I hope so.

but he may not

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If you could pick a different song as Timmy's walk up music what would it be?

Permanent Electric Feel.

There is no other song.

There are no other options.

Every song Electric Feel.

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I'm honestly genuinely confused by the questions the first anon asked you. Aside from the fact that they were, as you pointed out, uncomfortable questions, they're also unanswerable. Unless you have some kind of magic crystal ball that allows you to see into the future, how are you supposed to determine any of that? I'm not sure what answer they were expecting, but the picture you used worked perfectly, lol.

Contrary to popular belief I am not Tim Lincecum [sorryfriends.gif]

I have no idea who he wants when it comes to relationships & what he wants in the future.  I have no idea what his family life is like.  I don’t assume what his family life might be like [or should be like] because of a few rumors on some forums.  I don’t have “theories” & I don’t post that shady information around. That’s not my business to know & I don’t WANT to know.  I’m not in any way involved in his life.  I’m just some loser on the internet.  His personal life is his & I am not entitled to know anything about it.

& even if I did know or had a crystal ball it’s not like I’m going to tell tumblr about it holy hell

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If you could give Timmy another nick name to go along with his other ones what would it be?

This is actually a very hard one because I like most of the already-existing ones…

I don’t know???????????

all that’s coming to mind are swear words & pseudo-insults

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As a loving fan, what is the type of woman you see Timmy marrying? And if so, what would she look like? What would they look like together? What would their family look like?

I am so uncomfortable rn

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Do you think that when Tim Lincecum is engaged that it's going to be such a big deal in San Francisco that it might be a special in G Mag or Comcast? --Anonymously Giants Girl

I have literally no idea

It’s gunna be a big deal [ya’ll already know the tags & the forums & the twitters & all the social medias gunna blow the fuck up]

But I doubt that Tim would okay them televising his wedding & the lead-up & the engagement process

Or maybe he would

But it’s sort of a personal intimate thing & Tim likes keeping his personal life pretty private so????

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