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If that happened, that would be the most unreal thing in the entire world

Please happen

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We are all confused about Timmy's situation. He's not injured, he's just waiting for Bochy's call. Anyway, #LetTimmyPitch.

Given some of the blunders that have happened with the bullpen… well uh how do I put this… I’m sure Tim would be able to match those performances @ the very least [trusted pitchers who were put out multiple times, much to the outcry of many a fan], & hopefully [well welp that’s what we’re paying your for] do even better than y’know… giving up homer after homer after homer.

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what’s the fucking point of bringing him if you’re never going to use him

like why even bother

what do you gain from this

if he’s injured - why did you bring him

if he’s simply not a good enough pitcher - WHY DID YOU BRING HIM & NOT SOME OTHER ARM

what purpose does he have just sitting on the damn fucking bench

like literally

what is the damn point

i am honestly confused

what is the game plan

w h y

- if it’s “for the fans” like get the fuck out you just wasted a fucking roster spot for hype & not function

if it’s for “intimidation” because of tim’s stats they’re sorta worthless if you don’t use him at all so uh

if it’s “because he still deserves it” well uh why doesn’t that include playing time if you’re trying not to hurt his feels

l i ke WTF

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I wasn’t here for all 5 of those years… but yay?

Sorry the quality of the blog has disintegrated into shit.

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I was there.

It wasn’t spectacular, but he survived.  Small steps, I suppose, but he’ll obviously need to do better in the future.  I was on the edge of my seat whispering things between my hands, swearing under my breath because a small child was next to me when Tim thru a scud, violently whipping my head when Tim didn’t hit his spots.  He doesn’t make this easy on any of us.

I’m not sure that Tim “relaxed” because it was a lowkey low-stress situation [that big of a cushion can also be a bit of a bad thing], or if he would’ve struggled regardless [given his pitching trends as of late… probably] … but it’s "good" that today was the day Boch sent him back out there.  Boch likely would’ve kept Tim in there until… well I guess the lead was lost or about to be lost - that was Tim’s time to get back into gear. This is your time & we’re not going to send anyone else out to warm up.  Go.

This won’t be the last of his appearances from the pen.  & the fanbase… ugh… I teared up.  People still have faith in their little guy.  They cheered for Tim & chanted his name as he ran out to warm up, & even louder when he sprinted to the mound.  It was… very inspiring.  I’m so used to heavily invested militant internet sports fandom that… I forget that not everyone’s jaded. These fans in the seats, they recognize that… it’s painful to see their favorite athlete spiral further into a funk.  They chanted Tim’s name; they reassured him that they still love him & believe in him regardless.  It was a very baseball-esque moment… & why I really love the game.  & why I really love Tim Lincecum.

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After yesterday, do you think Timmy's starting days are over?

“This is something we need to talk about internally, what our best option is,” Bochy said. “We’ll look at it and see what the best thing is for Timmy and for us the next time around.”

I don’t know.

There have been many times where Tumblr users & MCC users & FB users swore the Boch was gunna commit Tim to the pen… but he didn’t.  [& then yeah outrage happened & outrage happens all the time whenever Tim’s starts go to shit.  They’re justified… but then some people take it a wee bit too far.]

This time might be different… or it might not.

The decline [altho exaggerated by some sportswriters who don’t cover Tim as extensively] has been there.  We all know about it… & it hurts.  & it’s not just the OMG THE FASTBALL VELOCITY, it’s the placement of the pitches. It’s the showing up to the mound & not quite knowing what pitches you have, & then you only have two instead of your entire arsenal - all the time.  It’s the mistakes you could get away with when you were younger, but damnit now batters have seen you for long enough & you should know better by now.  It’s all the scuds in the dirt that weren’t there for deception - you literally couldn’t make it to the mitt this time.  It’s the mechanics that are so complex that when one minute thing goes, the rest of it goes with it - & it takes WEEKS to solve & Righetti ISN’T an expert in Tim’s specialized shit; only Tim [& his dad] is.  It’s the balancing act; one week we’ll get “good Tim,” the next “bad Tim,” the next “subpar Tim” - when you REALLY want, to make down the stretch, GOOD TIM ALL THE TIME.

Yet YES Tim has flashes of greatness - of the “old” Tim.  He’s got the two no-no’s in this “decline.”  But… it’s been a bumpy ride.  & an inconsistent one.& a fucking PAINFUL one. & Tim is the FIRST person to voice discomfort & frustration @ this.  He has such high expectations for himself because… for most of his life, he achieved that.  Tim’s got Cy Youngs under his bet & WS rings.  He’s got college accolades & Sports Illustrated covers.  He’s got things in the damn baseball Hall of Fame - & that’s what makes it all the more heart-wrenching.  We all know how great a pitcher Tim was / can be / will always be… & it… we can’t go on like this.  All parties can’t.  You can’t win ballgames like this & they haven’t.

It physically HURTS me to see Tim struggle consistently - & it hurts him. You hear how he gets after games.  He is the absolute FIRST person to tell you how awful it is to fail, & how awful it feels for him to fail - to let the whole team down & know, truthfully, that he played a major role in a loss.   Timmy used to be the ACE in the hole; whenever he pranced out there, the Giants were guaranteed a win - but for the past few years?  That isn’t guaranteed anymore.  &… sometimes… you shouldn’t just… continue to force something that’ll never happen / happen anymore.

Unfortunately what makes baseball so great is that… nothing is written in stone.  Things change… & Tim has changed.  & it happens to a lot of players, not just him, but… Tim is OURS.  Tim is The Freak, the little man that could, the guy that got us to come back to the House That Bonds Built, OUR boy. He is DAMN IMPORTANT to us - & sometimes the staticians forget that when they so casually write about his fate.  Some of them are right, but… I have a heart along to go with this brain. 

I adore him - I LOVE him.  I haven’t been posting as much about him because my life is being pulled in a lot of other directions, but I ADORE HIM & I will ALWAYS adore him. & I want what’s BEST for him - & also for the team. If that means committing Tim to being a closer or just a hand in the bullpen, then let it happen.  I guarantee that Tim won’t be a “diva” about it & throw a tantrum; he’s not that kind of man.  He’s brutally honest with himself & his performances, but he’s not a diva.  If anything… the man has one of the SMALLEST egos in the Bigs.  & he’s been in that position before [in the postseason where he was LIGHT’S OUT] & maybe this is the spark that he needs to get consistent again.  

… Or maybe it won’t.  & that’s what I’m most afraid of.

There was a time I wasn’t sure Tim was going to be a Giant.  & there was another time that followed… when I hardened my heart & accepted that he wouldn’t be… for the good of the team, he wouldn’t be.  … I’ll probably have to do that again.  & it’s going to break me.

Don’t get attached to dumb baseball players.  They will ruin your fucking life.