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Tell everyone who's a giants fan to make a post about them meeting lincecum or stories they heard about him. Let's get #timlincecum trending

I like this idea… although “stories they heard about him” can get a bit dubious… but I trust the tag can contain itself?

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Most Giants fans - & maybe fans of other teams & sports - have heard of Bryan Stow.  Two years ago, during opening day, Bryan Stow was beaten so brutally that he suffered permanent brain damage.  Bryan Stow has since needed extensive hospital surgeries and stays, access to rehabilitation centers, & round-the-clock live-in caregiver assistance.  Many foundations & Giants players have given to Bryan Stow & his family to cover the costs of his medical needs… & yet that still hasn’t been enough.

On June 6th Bryan Stow was discharged from his rehab facility.  This news seems, at first, happy - like a cause to celebrate.  But it isn’t   Bryan Stow’s family has been forced to discharge him because they cannot afford to keep him there anymore.  Their insurance no longer covers the care that Bryan Stow needs & the financial burden is too great.

But Bryan Stow needs this care.  In a quote from support4bryanstow.com, Bryan’s family released:

After a long two years of being away from home, the insurance company has ceased payment for CNS, so Bryan has come home. Let us clarify something very important -Bryan could have benefited greatly by staying at CNS longer. We are so glad to have him home, but as prepared as we thought we were, it was a difficult transition. Bryan requires so much assistance and it is impossible for Ann and Dave to do it alone. Bryan requires 24 hour nursing care, but this is not covered by insurance. So we had to hire care givers in order to help Bryan to get up and showered in the morning, and get dressed and in bed in the evening. We are now the ones administrating his medical care, scheduling all his appointments, and preparing all his meals. …  At first look and during conversations, Bryan appears to be doing better, cognitively. But to be with him as much as we are, we see what others don’t. The memory problems, the use of words that do not belong, the pain he is in and the stiffness in his body that prevents him from being able to do things on his own. Due to a huge cut in therapy coverage, Bryan has physically experienced a big setback. We do what we can at home, but he needs the 5 days a week that he grew accustomed to. 

I don’t want this to look like I’m exploiting my follower count & this is not me FORCING you to do anything, but I DO have a good amount of followers here, a good chunk of them Giants fans.  & it would just mean the world to this family if the Giants family helped a family in need.  It would be sensational if we could help this family in any way - help make a difference.

Yes, donating will not bring their insurance back.  Yes, donating only a dollar or two SEEMS like it’s not making a difference - but it will.  Everything will be out of pocket for this family; everything will be at THEIR expense - even more than it normally was.  Health care in the US is already expensive, but having to deal with something as major as this?  I could not imagine being in their situation.

If you would like to donate to this family, click here.  You can either pay directly to the family’s paypal account, transfer funds to the family’s SFPCU Bryan Stow Fund  account, or send money to this address:

Bryan Stow Fund
SF Police Credit Union
C/O San Mateo Branch
1495 S. El Camino Real
San Mateo, CA 94402

If you read this, thank you for taking the time to.  If you would like to donate but are unable to, that’s fine.  Just reblog this to your followers & hopefully this can make its rounds.  If you don’t want to donate, but still want to reblog, that’s fine too.  If you don’t want to donate & don’t want to reblog, whatever I’m not going to guilt trip you or anything; you make your own decisions.

But thanks.  I just want what’s best for Stow & his family.