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Do you think that when Tim Lincecum is engaged that it's going to be such a big deal in San Francisco that it might be a special in G Mag or Comcast? --Anonymously Giants Girl

I have literally no idea

It’s gunna be a big deal [ya’ll already know the tags & the forums & the twitters & all the social medias gunna blow the fuck up]

But I doubt that Tim would okay them televising his wedding & the lead-up & the engagement process

Or maybe he would

But it’s sort of a personal intimate thing & Tim likes keeping his personal life pretty private so????

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things i will never be able to forget… a photoset?

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Tell everyone who's a giants fan to make a post about them meeting lincecum or stories they heard about him. Let's get #timlincecum trending

I like this idea… although “stories they heard about him” can get a bit dubious… but I trust the tag can contain itself?

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Do you think it's possible that Timmy is immortal and we're just barely starting to see evidence of his past identities?