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Your default pic of the stache is disturbing on so many levels

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Again let’s wing this based on pure memory.

Timmy & the Giants were very excited about his stuff coming out of Spring Training.  The lot of the organization was optimistic that Tim’s off season regimen had improved his command - & his throwing motion certainly looked as tight & crisp as it’s been in a while - & they pretty much had every right to be.

Although the line doesn’t convey how dominant Tim was with 90% of the Diamondbacks’ lineup, he was.  Going into this start, Tim expressed enthusiasm & confidence - that he’s comfortable throwing any pitch in his arsenal for strikes, whenever the time needs it.  & he certainly did.  The two-seam fastball [although it did hang & get him into trouble of the home run variety, & although he didn’t have as many 0-1 counts as he would have liked,], flew into the strike zone.  He didn’t shy away from it; he full-on embraced it.  His offspeed pitches certainly looked strong - tagging in all those Ks like we’re used to seeing.  Like usual, he threw some nasty filth that made the best of them look like buffoons.

Of course Goldschmidt happened.  6/11 of his hits on Tim are home runs.  He hasn’t even seen Tim 30 times yet.  Sometimes ownage is ownage, even though I hate to admit it.  & I’m sure Tim hates it & views it more of an excuse to explain away what looks like a less than stellar outing.  But it is what it is.  If Goldschmidt wasn’t in the game… Tim’s line would’ve been entirely different.  But he was in the game.  & fuck.

But for the most part, Tim was strong - especially given the clusterfuck of events that had happened prior.  I was apprehensive going this start [I’ll admit it], but I saw no remaining soreness in his knee & no fatigue from embracing the porcelain god no more than 2 days before.  The little guy has a lot of fight in him - so much so that he still manages to surprise me.  If you didn’t know those background bits of information, you wouldn’t have been able to tell during the game.  Tim was that dominant.

The past couple of years haven’t been too kind to Timmy, we all know this.  We all know the lines & the downward trends.  We’ve speculated & theorized & done little charts & graphics to convey it.  We’re all tired of it.  I want to stop talking about it.  I want a comeback.  I want a true return to dominance.  I want a new patch or a new leaf or a new grain of rice with this new contract.  Tim didn’t start all too strong during those previous opening series campaigns, but this was decent.  I want to be optimistic this time.  I feel like Tim’s earned it.  He’s tired of the downward trends too.

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