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If that happened, that would be the most unreal thing in the entire world

Please happen

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There was no question about him being on the roster. His versatility brings a lot to our bullpen.

Bruce Bochy, on Tim Lincecum

Why Lincecum is on the SF Giants’ roster tonight and Morse is not

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Okay here’s the thing tho: why haven’t you used the versatility sooner?  & you intend to capitalize on said versatility… right?  Eventually?  I would hope these aren’t just empty words.

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We are all confused about Timmy's situation. He's not injured, he's just waiting for Bochy's call. Anyway, #LetTimmyPitch.

Given some of the blunders that have happened with the bullpen… well uh how do I put this… I’m sure Tim would be able to match those performances @ the very least [trusted pitchers who were put out multiple times, much to the outcry of many a fan], & hopefully [well welp that’s what we’re paying your for] do even better than y’know… giving up homer after homer after homer.

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what’s the fucking point of bringing him if you’re never going to use him

like why even bother

what do you gain from this

if he’s injured - why did you bring him

if he’s simply not a good enough pitcher - WHY DID YOU BRING HIM & NOT SOME OTHER ARM

what purpose does he have just sitting on the damn fucking bench

like literally

what is the damn point

i am honestly confused

what is the game plan

w h y

- if it’s “for the fans” like get the fuck out you just wasted a fucking roster spot for hype & not function

if it’s for “intimidation” because of tim’s stats they’re sorta worthless if you don’t use him at all so uh

if it’s “because he still deserves it” well uh why doesn’t that include playing time if you’re trying not to hurt his feels

l i ke WTF

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