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hunter pence during his celebration speech: there are 30 guys here who through this post season, have showed up and played their hearts out every game
tim lincecum, probably: hey yeah fuck you too buddy
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I see you Timmy!
Photo: Randy Pench


I see you Timmy!

Photo: Randy Pench

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If that happened, that would be the most unreal thing in the entire world

Please happen

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There was no question about him being on the roster. His versatility brings a lot to our bullpen.

Bruce Bochy, on Tim Lincecum

Why Lincecum is on the SF Giants’ roster tonight and Morse is not

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Okay here’s the thing tho: why haven’t you used the versatility sooner?  & you intend to capitalize on said versatility… right?  Eventually?  I would hope these aren’t just empty words.